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Most people do not get married with the intention of needing an Orlando Divorce Lawyer but, unfortunately, it’s a reality in millions of unions across the United States. No matter how much you love your spouse when you tie the knot, circumstances in a marriage change over time, occasionally leaving two people who no longer share the same feelings, interests, and goals bound together by law.

If divorce is an option you are considering, our team is happy to help. Whether you and your spouse are in agreement or you are trying to remove yourself from a negative situation, we have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you achieve the best results for you.

Florida is a no-fault divorce state, meaning that fault or cause is not required for the divorce process. If for any reason you feel as though you would like to begin divorce proceedings, we are happy to support you through the process.

These are several divorce options in the state of Florida, including contested and uncontested divorces, as well as simplified divorces.Orlando Divorce Lawyer

Contested divorce: In a contested divorce, the two parties in a marriage do not agree on the terms of the divorce, including custodial agreements, asset distribution, or even whether a divorce should take place. Contested divorces take more time and effort, requiring mediation in an attempt to settle issues and a court appearance in front of a judge. When you want aggressive and competent legal support in your divorce proceedings, our Orlando Divorce Lawyers will be by your side.

Uncontested divorce: In an uncontested divorce, all parties have agreed on the terms of a separation and are ready to proceed in legal dissolution. An uncontested divorce requires a Marital Settlement Agreement that is used to draft a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. As seasoned divorce professionals, our office can help you draft the appropriate documents and navigate you through the process to ensure your split takes places as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage: Florida residents without minor children who believe their marriage is beyond repair may qualify for a simplified version of an uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse are eligible, we can guide you through a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage to help save you time, money, and stress.

Whether you need a trusted Orlando Divorce Lawyer in the courtroom, a compassionate source of divorce information, or someone to help you through the paperwork, we’re the right team for the job.

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