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Are you going through a separation, divorce or custody battle? Knowing just how to deal with each situation, which lawyer is right for you and how to get what you want from the proceedings is a difficult process. One that you should never decide to do on your own if you expect to get want you want and need. Knowing some general facts will help lead you to the next steps in the process of hiring the right Family Attorney.

  • Unfortunately there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to pricing for different family law scenarios. An uncontested and relatively simple divorce without children or large assets will take considerably shorter than a hotly contested divorce involving children and a large asset base. These cases also depend largely on the evidence presented.

    Our fee will be discussed in detail during the first consultation allowing you to make your choice if we are the right fit for you before any billing begins.

  • With complicated legal matters it is always advised to seek legal counsel immediately. Especially in custody or divorce proceedings it is imperative that you get legal representation sooner than later. You will only have 20 days to respond to the petitions in court or a default judgement against you could be filed by your spouse or other parent. If you have a default judgement against you, contact us now to have it potentially put aside.

  • Your first confidential consultation is the first step in the process of retaining a family lawyer to fight for your rights. This consultation can be done in our office or over the phone at your convenience with a low initial cost.

  • Not in family law cases, as all appointments are made through a paralegal or assistant.

  • The most important aspects in any legal proceedings is ensuring all your material facts are supported as much as possible with physical evidence. This should include a full accounting of assets with supporting documentation and your monthly expenses or liabilities. Also include evidence of any major issues within the divorce such as abuse, violence, criminal history or child related issues.

  • Most family law cases are handled out of court through various means of settlement. This could include mediation, settlement conferences or even negotiation in criminal cases.